My Story

I started my journey in the digital media field with video editing. While I studied at the University of Tampa, I took several courses in Video Editing, and I enjoyed learning the software and creating visual works that tell a powerful story. I've always enjoyed creating works of art with oil, pastels, and acrylic, and this transfers over to a digital medium with video editing and graphic design.

This is one of my first digital pieces of digital artwork, created during my sophomore year of high school.

It's a bit old, but still preserved, in a frame in my bedroom. My art teacher encouraged me to enter this into a contest, and it was chosen to be featured in a student gallery, in the Salvador Dali art museum's grand opening in St. Petersburg, Florida. I never did any formal artwork, so I named it 'Honey Bun' after one of my favorite snacks, for my massive carb-based high school diet.

My experience over the years has allowed me to participate in numerous projects, ranging from large corporations such as BayCare Health System, to creating and managing my own e-commerce stores online. I enjoy creating organized, online stores with visually appealing products, and making a brand that stands out from the crowd.

I have created numerous professional, edited videos, graphic designs, brand-integration for a local non-profit, internet marketing advertisement designs, and website design for small and large businesses.

These have allowed me to express my creative impulses to bring out the best in a story, picture, and an aesthetic design.

Throughout the years of creating, in the digital media field, I've gained an expertise in translating artistic ideals into a digital expression.

I invite you to explore my projects in the Work page of the website.